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Teun brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the industry. Already from a very young age, Teun has been the life and soul of the party, going out of his way to serve and to connect people, always inviting others in. His natural talents and commitment to excellence came to maturity while working in the corporate world, restructuring workflows, innovating processes and changing management. All to assist his people to pursue their full potential, as he strongly believes that personal development, benefits business to the greatest extent.

He is people’s person at a broader level and that brings out his great leadership quality. He is courteous and extremely switched on with honed communication and diplomacy skills. 


As a digital media consultant, Teun will help you define what you want, assist you in achieving your goals and help save on your most valuable and precious asset: time. 


Yvonne ensures that the business is wholly aligned in both goal setting and strategy. With a double Master’s Degree in Media, Marketing, Policy & Management and experience within a variety of industries,

Yvonne pursues achieving results and thrives on the notion of organically growing and expending businesses to achieve the highest capability. She is an emphatic believer of clear and positive communication being the key in working together successfully with ease and enjoyment. 


Continuously developing market expertise, with a strong interest in sustainable community and charity support, Yvonne makes sure that the business retains a holistic approach to success.


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

– Fred R. Barnard – 

We could not agree more... We are passionate about our visuals! Imagery has always been more effective than the written word. The power of visuals probably lies in the science that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, add a long history of humans communicating without text to the mix, our brains just seem to be hardwired to process visual information better and faster than text. Pictures can leave impressions more accurately, it can instantly change a mood, evoke certain feelings and emotions.

In this day and age of Social Media Marketing in a time of Social Distancing, knowing which visuals can impact your business more positively and knowing how to implement them to engage more people, are important elements to your Business Strategy. We are delighted to offer quality visuals, complimenting your Media presence. 

Bringing together our passion for Visuals and Marketing, transforming them into quality Virtual Experiences.

Buying property has always been and will always be a proud moment. As Dutchies, we noticed how excitingly diverse the Australian Property Market is and how fond Australians are with their properties. Property plays a very different role in the Dutch culture, where the emphasis lies on buying the forever home once, instead of moving around, buying & selling and even having multiple investment properties.


The Dutch are honed for their outstanding customer services and it is within our DNA that we go above and beyond to deliver on our promises. For us and our company, this means internally we nurture a culture of trust, integrity, transparency and gratitude, making sure that these virtues are principal and not just one individual’s trait. Externally, we are all about our clients and how to serve you in achieving your goals! We understand that working with someone you trust is extremely important; care and continuous development, achieving outstanding results and growing your business.

From concept to execution, buying & selling Real Estate or having a Business, is the most personal and challenging endeavour people will go through. We emphasize with the personal emotions deeply connected with these processes and we believe it is why we do what we do best.

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